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Barbara Reynholm was the second wife and now widow of Denholm Reynholm, the massively successful entrepreneur and Head of the multi-billion corporation Reynholm Industries. She attended her husband's funeral on May 3, 2007, after he had committed suicide when a major scandal was discovered in the pension funds of his company. She greeted the guests at the entrance to the church along with Derek Pippen, the then Head of Reynholm Industries.

It is unknown what happened to Barbara after her husband's funeral.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Barbara Reynholm is played by British actress, Belinda Stewart-Wilson.
  • Coincidentally, Belinda Stewart-Wilson also plays Victoria Reynholm, Denholm's ex-daughter-in-law, in Reynholm v Reynholm.
  • Contray to popular belief, Barbara isn't Douglas Reynholm's biological mother, as Barbara is Denholm's second wife and Douglas was born to Denholm's first wife.


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