Denholm's mammy
Denholm Reynholm's mother
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Between 2004 and 2007

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"Cigarettes have finally killed me. Like they killed my father, my my father's father, my mother's father, my mother, and her father."
Denholm Reynholm's video will

The mother of Denholm Reynholm attended her husband's funeral between 2004 and 2006. There, Richmond Avenal gave her a CD by the heavy metal rock band, Cradle of Filth. Her son, Denholm, was deeply angered by this, so much so that he demoted Richmond from being the second-in-command of Reynholm Industries to working in the unkempt, dingy IT Department.

Between 2004 and May 3, 2007, Denholm's mother died of a smoking-related illness, as did her father, her husband and his father.

Appearances Edit

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