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Episode Number
Series Three, Episode 05
Original Airdate
December 19, 2008
Special Guest Stars:
Friendface Voice - Lewis MacLeod
Previous Episode:
Next Episode:

Friendface is the fifth episode of the third series of The IT Crowd.

Plot Edit


Guest Stars Edit

  • Friendface Voice - Lewis MacLeod
  • Delina - Claudia Harrison
  • Terry - James Tovell
  • Allison - Suzie Toase

Trivia Edit

  • Moss names his children Zenith and Quasar. Zenith is the point directly above a given location and a Quasar is a very luminous galaxy. They are also brand names of televisions sold in the US.
  • This episode marks Lewis MacLeod's second appearance in the IT Crowd as the narrator. He also appeared in Tramps Like Us for the opening narration and again appears in the next episode Calendar Geeks as the narrator for the 'boss-eyedness' video presentation.
  • Roy likens his ex-girlfriend Allison to The Joker a lot, due to their similar use of excessive, smeared make up.
  • The artwork for the Friendface commercial was designed by Zoe Matzko, her website can be found here, original sketches for the Friendface artwork can also be found. Zoe also produced the gaming-style design for the IT Crowd DVD Menus.
  • The white, light-up box that Roy is banging his head listening to is most likely a Tenori-on, an electronic musical instrument.

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