Head of Reynholm Industries is the title given to the leader of the massive British business empire, Reynholm Industries. The many duties the Head of Reynholm Industries include the hiring of new staff members, the
Douglas series four publicity photo

Douglas Reynholm, the current Head of Reynholm Industries

upkeep and maintenence of Reynhom Industries' finance issues and the organising of regular meetings with the company's major shareholders. The Head may take the advice of his/her advisers and the other Heads of Departments.

The Head so must keep contact with the business's major shareholders by a face-to-face meeting or by use of a webcam. This is a convenient component of meetings as Rerynholm Industries has merged with foreign companys such as the Yamamoto Corporation in Japan.

Denholm Reynholm, founder of Reynholm Industries, commited suicide in 2007, leaving his right-hand man, Derek Pippen, as Head of Reynholm Industries. Derek had not been serving as Head of Reynholm Industries for a few days when Douglas Reynholm, Denholm's son, appeared at his father's funeral and declared himself as the rightful Head of Reynholm Industries.

Heads of Reynholm IndustriesEdit

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