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To predict the user's date of death


Before or during 2007

. is an online website on which users fill in the provided questionnaire, with which the website then uses to estimate the date of the user's death. It claims to be so specific that it can even estimate the time of day the person will die at.

Maurice Moss has said that the website is at best the website is 79% accurate, however, the only known prediction the website made (about Roy) turned out to be incorrect.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • On the homepage of there is a link saying 'Please read the terms and conditions for the competition'. This then links to a list of details about a secret competition hidden in the 'geek' subtitles of the Series 2 DVD of The IT Crowd. If the 'geek' subtitles are turned on through episodes 5 and 6, a short film plays which tells the viewer how to create a photosensitive receptor which is needed to decode the subtitles in episode 6. If these subtitles are decoded, more clues are revealed until three pictures of the characters holding easter eggs and a text adventure game file is found. The aim of the competition was to send this information in through, and the winner would receive an exclusive bright yellow Lamborghini laptop.