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American jen
Jessica St. Clair
Biographical information

September 21, 1977





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Years Active

2002 - present

Jessica St. Clair (b. September 21, 1977) is an American actress, comedienne, comedy improviser and sketch writer who played the role of Jen Barber in the pilot of the American adaption of the British sitcom, The IT Crowd. The pilot was not picked up by NBC and so St. Clair no longer played the role of Jen. It is unknown if St. Clair will reprise her role in the new American adaption of The IT Crowd.

St. Clair's other work includes working with the comedy improv group mother and often performs at the Uprights Citizens Brigade College in Los Angeles and New York. St. Clair is married to playwright Dan O'Brien and regularly appeared on the American TV show Best Week Ever.

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