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Prime (formerly known as Harold Tong) is a former champion on the British TV gameshow, Countdown. In 1998, Prime, then known as Harold Tong, was the overall winner of Year 16 of Countdown and won the show's trademark prize, a Countdown teapot. Tong then became known by his nickname of Prime and began travelling the country, informing all "octo-champions" (contestants who have won more than eight episodes of Countdown) of a club called 8+, an exclusive club for all octo-champions.

In 2010, Prime met Maurice Moss, the latest octo-champion who holds an amazing record of a perfect score for every game he has played. Prime informed Moss of the secret club 8+ and acted as his guide during his visits there. Moss, now known as his nickname Word, was challenged to a game of Street Countdown by fellow 8+ member, Negative One. Prime warned Moss of the dangers of Street Countdown and how it can get quite cold, but nonetheless Moss accepted Negative One's challenge. With Prime referring the game, the match turned out to be the biggest game in 8+'s history, with 18 letters on the board. Moss eventually defeated Negative One, with his 16 letter word, "overnumerousness".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Prime was played by English actor and comedian, Benedict Wong.


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